Our Mission

Supporting everyone along the journey of outstanding professional development.

Working as professional communicators in the public sector and emergency services is rewarding yet challenging. We want to share the great experiences, skills, knowledge and insight that our instructors bring with those who need it most. Barriers to learning and professional development such as time, resources and cost should not exist, which is why we've created the PIO Toolkit Academy.

Not Just Courses - More Resources

  • Bonus Material

    You'll always get access to extra resources and bonus materials that you can use in your job at any time after you've taken the course

  • Instructor 1-2-1

    You'll get the opportunity to schedule time with your instructor to talk you through any questions you may have regarding the content of this course. There will always be an ongoing relationship so you can get support when you need it.

  • Further Discounts

    You'll get further discounts for any PIO Toolkit & LAW Publications product such as the emergency communications software, social media manager, and more.